Coat-Opaque White

Subli Glaze Opaque White Sublimation Coating. For dark surfaces – use with Clear Coating. For sublimation only.

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Subli Glaze opaque white sublimation coating has a white base coating. Use it on dark surfaces. A spray can with sublimation white opaque coating inside. For use with sublimation.
This item: Coat-Opaque White

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R481,85 Incl VAT
R481,85 Incl VAT
Subli Glaze Clear sublimation coating in a spray can to coat products with sublimation coating. For use with sublimation.
1 × Coat-Clear

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R481,85 Incl VAT
Subliglaze sublimation coating that is an adhesion promoter ideal for slippery surfaces like glass, ceramics, chrome. The bottle is 250ml for use with sublimation.
1 × Coat-Promoter

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Subli Glaze Matte sublimation coating, a spray can with sublimation coating that has a matte texture. For use with sublimation.
1 × Coat-Matte

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R481,85 Incl VAT


Subli Glaze™ is the only do-it-yourself sublimation coating solution designed to enable sublimation decoration on a wide range of hard surfaces such as ceramic, glass, metal, and loads more.

Subli Glaze™ White Base Coating is used when working with dark colour substrates or substrates that do not allow any light to pass through them. Subli Glaze™ White Base Coating is applied before the Subli Glaze™ Clear Sublimation Coating to give the substrate a white background on which to transfer the image.

  • Bottle: 400ml.
  • Made in the UK.
  • Aerosol spray can - For easy and even application.


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