Sublimer Mould 135220W

Metal mould for bending sublimer product – max size 135 x 220mm – Wave shape – LS-ACM05

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Metal mould for bending sublimer product - max size 135 x 220mm - Wave shape - LS-ACM05
This item: Sublimer Mould 135220W

In stock

R1091,35 Incl VAT
R1091,35 Incl VAT
Sublimer A6 Photo Cards
R43,59 Incl VAT


There is a market for affordable keepsake photo frames for custom gifts! You can make extra profit using our premium metal sublimer moulds. By adding these metal sublimer moulds to your sublimation printing business you'll gain the opportunity to personalise and mould your own ever-so-popular personalised photo frames and stands into different shapes made from sublimer cutting boards and photo cards. Sublimer is an inexpensive, waterproof, mould-proof, and extremely durable substrate that prints beautifully.

Benefits of these metal moulds

  • Robust mould - Can withstand repeated use over extended periods without significant degradation, reduces the need for frequent replacement, saving you money.
  • High thermal conductivity - The metal lid and base facilitates the efficient transfer of heat throughout the sublimer, ensuring uniform moulding results, meaning happier customers and less returns.
  • Our cheaper moulds you'll need to use gloves to protect your hands from the heat when moulding your product due to it not having a lid. Such actions are unnecessary when using these moulds.
  • Max size: 135 x 220mm.

Packaging Information

Weight1,1252 kg
Dimensions13,5 × 24,7 × 9,5 cm


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